Welcome to Linden Bridge Nursery School!

Linden Bridge Nursery School is dedicated to providing young children a strong foundation for future achievement. We offer a warm, nurturing environment that strives to meet the needs of each individual child. Through positive social interactions and a Christian atmosphere children learn that school is an enjoyable experience. With a focus on language enrichment and reading readiness, each child will be given a solid footing for the start of kindergarten. Through a combination of " readiness to learn " activities and preschool fun, our children gain confidence and independence. Every child leaves Linden Bridge with a knowledge of school structure and a positive attitude towards learning. 

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Linden Bridge Preschool is now accepting applications and registration for children are three or four years old. For more information or to schedule a visit please call 410.668.0230 during school hours Monday through Friday or email lindenbridgeschool@lindenheights.org.

Daily Activities

Every day the children at Linden Bridge engage in many different activities. Our day begins with a circle time where we talk about the calendar, weather and our plans for the day. Every day there is a craft project that reflects our unit of study. Next comes independent work time where there is a host of meaningful activities. Lesson time gives us some structured work on the unit at hand. Outdoor play affords us an opportunity to have fun while developing large muscle control. The end of our day includes songs and finger plays to learn and stories to read and enjoy.


Through the Year

Events include field trips, like our fall outing to the pumpkin farm. The National Aquarium and the Zoomobile visit us at Linden Bridge. Once a month the Baltimore County Bookmobile arrives and charms us with stories. The Pastor of Linden Heights Church comes to share a Bible lesson with the children. We celebrate most holidays with a party. At Halloween we have a parade, Santa visits at Christmas and on Mother's Day we treat Mom to a special tea. Many activities abound at Linden Bridge Nursery. There is lots to do and lots to learn.

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Classes at Linden Bridge
Children age three and four attend three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a three-hour session from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. Classes have two teachers for a class of 20 children.
The school year begins in September and ends in May. Registration begins in January. For further information call Deborah Roberg, Director at 410.668.0230 or lindenbridgeschool@lindenheights.org.


For each child to develop:
Physically - muscle coordination through freedom of indoor and outdoor play and experimentation with a variety of materials.
Intellectually - to listen with comprehension, grow in the ability to speak effectively, prepare for the use of written letters and aware of the use of numbers in daily activity.
Socially - to live together with others through play (which is their work), to give, take and share.
Emotionally - to learn patience, independence and a sense of accomplishment.
Spiritually - to learn a way of life through interacting with persons who live the Christian faith. All religious traditions are welcome and respected.
The Linden Heights Nursery School director and teachers are trained and experienced in Early Childhood Education. The staff genuinely cares about each child's development in his or her formative years and making their first experience with school a positive one.
Debbie Roberg, Director, Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education
Janine Scannel, Teacher, Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education