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Question: What does the United Methodist Church say or teach about the issues facing the world today, such as the environment, the economy and the like?

    Cover of the United Methodist Social Principles bookletResponse: For more than a century, United Methodists have debated and adopted a extensive set of Social Principles which are updated every four years by the General Conference. The Social Principles, while not to be considered church law, are a prayerful and thoughtful effort on the part of the General Conference to speak to the human issues in the contemporary world from a sound biblical and theological foundation as historically demonstrated in United Methodist traditions. They are a call to faithfulness and are intended to be instructive and persuasive in the best of the prophetic spirit. The Social Principles are a call to all members of The United Methodist Church to a prayerful, studied dialogue of faith and practice.  Click here to read the United Methodist Social Principles.